Yuba County Sheriff's Department California

Jail Address
215 5th Street, Suite 150
Marysville, CA, 95901
Jail Phone Number
(530) 749-7777
Jail Email
Jail Capacity
Courthouse Location
215 5th St #200 Marysville, CA

About Yuba County Sheriff's Department

The Jail Division is responsible for the administration and operation of the county jail. The Yuba County Jail staff is charged with maintaining the safe and secure confinement of persons placed in their custody. In addition, the jail houses Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees on a contract basis to generate revenue for the county. The jail provides programs for inmates to facilitate their rehabilitation and successful reintegration into the community upon release.

The jail is located within the north side of the county courthouse in Marysville on Sixth Street between “B” Street and “C” Streets. The mailing address for the Yuba County Jail, other than inmate mail, is 215 5th Street, Suite #150, Marysville, Ca. 95901.

The original jail was built in 1962 and a major renovation and addition was completed in the early 1990s. The county jail has a capacity of 428 prisoners. In 2006 the average daily population was 374 inmates which was comprised on average of 160 ICE contract prisoners and 214 county prisoners. The county prisoner population is made up of those who are sentenced to county jail and those who are awaiting trail or sentencing.

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