Hernando County Sheriff's Office Florida

Jail Address
16425 Spring Hill Dr.
Brooksville, FL, 34604
Jail Phone Number
(352) 544-2334
Jail Email
Jail Capacity
Courthouse Location
20 N Main St #362 Brooksville, FL

About Hernando County Sheriff's Office

The Hernando County Detention Center is the central booking and intake location for all law enforcement agencies operating in Hernando County. The care, custody and control of individuals arrested in Hernando County by the Sheriff's Office and various state and local police agencies is the responsibility of the Detention Center. Confined in the Hernando County Detention Center are those individuals who have been arrested and held without bond, been unable to post bail set by the courts, are being transferred from other states or counties while awaiting trial in Hernando County, or those found guilty and sentenced to serve less than one year in county jail.

Recent Mugshots

2017-09-24 Booking Log

~1 day ago

9 Arrests


2017-09-23 Booking Log

~2 days ago

6 Arrests


2017-09-22 Booking Log

~3 days ago

11 Arrests


2017-09-21 Booking Log

~4 days ago

10 Arrests


2017-09-20 Booking Log

~5 days ago

13 Arrests


2017-09-19 Booking Log

~6 days ago

9 Arrests