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About Boyd County Sheriff

The jailer has custody of the county jail and all persons committed to the jail (KRS 71.020). The jailer may be responsible for transporting prisoners to jail in another county, but if the prisoner is to be transported for court proceedings; the sheriff of the county where the court proceedings are occurring has the primary responsibility of transporting the prisoner (KRS 441.510). If another party is made responsible for transportation, the jailer acts as a court bailiff (KRS 71.050). The fiscal court may employ the jailer as superintendent of county buildings agreed upon by the jailer and the fiscal court. Compensation for services as superintendent of county buildings is in addition to compensation for performing the normal duties of the jailer, but the total compensation for duties as superintendent and as jailer may not exceed the maximum amount set for local officials in KRS 64.527 if the jailer does not run a full-service jail, or the maximum set in KRS 64.5275 if the jailer does run a full service jail. In either case, the jailer shall not receive a salary of less than $20,000 (KRS 67.130). Jailers who run full-service jails, operate life-safety jails, or are part of a transportation plan or are acting as bailiffs, are also eligible for the annual training incentive set out in KRS 64.5275.

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