Important Tip Regarding Oregon Booking Logs collect mugshots from many different arrest agencies in Oregon including some incarceration, sentencing, and charge information from the Department of Corrections. Our booking logs are provided without warranty, claim, or guarantee. From time to time there may be errors in booking logs. To verify or correct arrest details, locate an inmate, or to obtain more information about an arrest, you must contact the respective arrest agency.

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

2017-08-22 Booking Log

~1 day ago

60 Arrests


2017-08-21 Booking Log

~2 days ago

63 Arrests


2017-08-20 Booking Log

~3 days ago

42 Arrests


2017-08-19 Booking Log

~4 days ago

68 Arrests


2017-08-18 Booking Log

~5 days ago

64 Arrests


2017-08-17 Booking Log

~6 days ago

73 Arrests