Laurens County Sheriff's Office South Carolina

Jail Address
216 West Main Street PO Box 68
Laurens, SC, 29360
Jail Phone Number
(864) 984-4967
Jail Email
Jail Capacity
Courthouse Location
Suite B, 100 Hillcrest Square, Laurens, SC 29360

About Laurens County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff operates the county jail which houses, serves, and provides for the general welfare of prisoners awaiting trial from all jurisdictions in Laurens County including the municipalities.

The Sheriff is also required to keep prisoners who have been tried and have received 90 days or less from the court. Those sentenced for child support or other civil contempts remain housed at the county jail regardless of their sentence.

The correctional operations staff is also required to provide transportation and security of prisoners to and from court and maintain their safety as well as that of the public. Among other duties that must be performed by the staff is evaluating each prisoner. Care must be given in the placement of the prisoner. Inmates may have altercations with others inmates and separation is necessary to maintain order and safety of the individuals and officers. Medical screenings must be conducted and meals must be prepared. Victims must be notified of arrests, bond hearings and releases. Inmate requests for medical attention must be attended. Laundry must be exchanged and cleaned and families questions must be answered. Inmates have to be transported to hospitals, dentists and doctor appointments. Photos taken, fingerprints rolled, booking forms completed, property inventoried and on and on.

The correctional staff has a very difficult, demanding and stressful job. Each individual incarcerated is dependent on the staff for their basic necessities of survival and the officer must be alert and observant to take care of their requirements at hand yet not becoming a victim themselves while in vulnerable areas to attack from inmates in the facility.

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