Davidson County Sheriff's Office Tennessee

Jail Address
5113 Harding Place
Nashville, TN, 37211
Jail Phone Number
(615) 862-8123
Jail Email
Jail Capacity
Courthouse Location
08 2nd Avenue North #6110, Nashville, TN 37201

About Davidson County Sheriff's Office

Two highly acclaimed state-licensed programs operate out of this facility: the Sheriff's Anti-Violence Effort (SAVE), a treatment program for domestic violence perpetrators; and, New Avenues, a 45-day intensive alcohol and drug treatment program. Other programs at this facility increase the chance an inmate can become a productive citizen upon release. Female offender issues are also a priority. Understanding the varying needs of this population, the CDC staff has taken great stride to design programs especially for female offenders.

Recent Mugshots

2017-06-22 Booking Log

~22 hours ago

96 Arrests


2017-06-21 Booking Log

~2 days ago

151 Arrests


2017-06-20 Booking Log

~3 days ago

153 Arrests


2017-06-19 Booking Log

~4 days ago

94 Arrests


2017-06-18 Booking Log

~5 days ago

72 Arrests


2017-06-17 Booking Log

~6 days ago

83 Arrests